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Experience Sound Like Never Before with SHIVR.


An unmatched euphonic experience.

No, your mind’s not playing tricks on you. This is what true HD sound is supposed to be. You will have the luxury to savor a stunning feeling.

Powered by Yamaha, the audio quality has never been this vibrant, this crystal clear until now. Until SHIVR.

What makes SHIVR unique?

Experience Sound Like Never Before with SHIVR.

High Fidelity


Industry Leading
Hybrid ANC Technology



Listen to what people are saying about SHIVR.


Ultra-advanced noise cancelling technology.

 While typical active noise cancelling headphones only use one mic to pick up and process ambient noise, SHIVR includes both feedforward and feedback mics. This ultra-advanced level of sound filtering provides the best noise-free experience in any environment.

Built-in gyroscope eliminates
listening fatigue.

 SHIVR’s built-in gyroscope runs on innovative 3D algorithm technology that creates a pleasantly immersive 3D surround sound environment and eliminates the disorienting vibrations and sounds that cause listening fatigue from extended use.

Amazingly comfortable.

 Designed for all-day maximum comfort. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite series, editing videos, jamming to your favorite tunes, or raiding epic dungeons with your teammates, SHIVR fits your needs and your ears perfectly.

Get your SHIVR today?

Industry leading hybrid
ANC technology.

Unlike similar products in the market, SHIVR has its own industry leading ANC technology that is substantially more flexible and effective in ANC performance.

APF Tech brings the next big thing into the Audio SPACE.

Equipped with customized built-in gyroscope and advanced algorithm, our APF Tech brings a unique listening experience by effectively augmenting the audio surround and allowing a precise sense of sound from different sources.


“SHIVR combines high-end functionality and creative design with next-gen technology in order to produce an innovative headset that alleviates the pain and discomfort typically associated with extensive headphone use.” 



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