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What does it take to produce revolutionary sound quality capable of captivating the senses and reverberating all the way down to the soul?


It takes…


…a dedicated startup company full of young and creative talents who are eager to disrupt current trends and excited to introduce their own groundbreaking inventions to the world…


…an unstoppable team of innovative technical experts with a strong passion for sound technology…


… and a unique blend of extreme dedication and optimistic perseverance in order to produce something so powerfully vivid and evocative that it sends a chill up and down your spine.


It takes SHIVR.

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General Inquiries    info@shivr.co

Technical Support:    support@shivr.co

Distribution & Retailer:    sales@shivr.co

Marketing & Partnership:    marketing@shivr.co

PR:    pr@shivr.co


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