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Frequently asked questions

When will the shipment start after the order placed?

We will arrange to deliver your product 2 to 5 business days after payment cleared.

Does SHIVR support global shipment?

We support global shipment, no matter where you are. Just place the order and your product will be delivered safe and sound to your doorstep.

Can SHIVR headphone be waterproof?

The headset is NOT waterproof. Please avoid exposure to rain or other liquids, keep all buttons and ports free of moisture.

Which devices are SHIVR headphones compatible with?

SHIVR headphones support wireless connection, which means that they’re compatible with most devices including IOS, Android smartphones, laptop, Mac, windows PC etc. (the device must support Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR and higer ). If your TV or desktop does not support Bluetooth, you can still connect SHIVR via an external Bluetooth adapter or you can even use the AUX cable to make SHIVR become a wired headphone.

Why are the SHIVR headphones disconnected when the smartphone switches to Airplane mode?

When your smartphone switches to Airplane mode, it will disconnect to Bluetooth automatically, which results in the disconnection with SHIVR headphones. You can switch the bluetooth function on via your device under Airplane mode, and reconnect to the headphone manually.

What is the feature of Ambient Mode?

The Ambient Mode is designed to process the ambient noise for your convenience. Under this mode, the music will pause, mic will deliver the ambient sound to your ear, allowing you to communicate with others without taking off the headphones.

Can a pair of SHIVR headphones be connected to multiple devices at the same time?

No, we support only one device connected to SHIVR.

What audio encoding formats does SHIVR headphone support?

SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX Low Latency.

What is the feature of 3D Mode?

Under this mode, SHIVR’s own advanced algorithm effectively enhance audio surround sound and sense of space, allowing you to accurately sense sound from different sources especially when your head is turning.

What's the bluetooth connection distance?

The distance is around 15m if not interrupted by obstacles between the two devices.

What do I do if the SHIVR headphones can't connect to Bluetooth?

1. Check if the headphones are in pairing mode.
2. Check if connecting device Bluetooth searching mode is switched on.
3. Check if the Bluetooth version and system of your device is compatible with the headphone.

Do the SHIVR headphones support wireless calls?

Yes, the SHIVR headphones support wireless calls when they are connected to your device via Bluetooth.

Do the SHIVR headphones support ANC, 3D, Ambient sound when under wired connection?

Yes it does. However, when the headphone is powered off, ANC, 3D and ambient sound function is not available under wired connection.

Does ANC work when the SHIVR headphone is powered off?

No. ANC works only when the headphones is powered on.

What is the transparent film inside the ear piece?

The transparent film is a built-in optical/infrared sensor, designed to record the wearing performance of SHIVR’s smart pause/play function.

What's the ANC effect on SHIVR headphones?

SHIVR developed the digital hybrid ANC algorithm technology that is designed for noise cancellation of low frequency noise on the train or airplane. The effective ANC performance protects your ear while enjoying the music.

How to switch between different modes?

Single press MFC: ANC ON->Ambient sound->ANC OFF
Double press MFC: 3D ON (single press MFC to 3D OFF)

What is the shipping cost and shipping time?

We provide 2 shipping options. 1. Standard shipping: free. 3 weeks shipping time 2. Express shipping: $25 extra. 1 week shipping time

 Email to support@shivr.co if facing any issue or you can refer to the following information.

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