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APF Tech Brings the Next Big Thing into Audio SPACE

Thanks to the effort of SHIVR team and support from valued backers, SHIVR has successfully shipped all orders from crowdfunding campaigns. More than 6000 units have been delivered in 99 countries, with more on the way.

Sound is one of the more interesting singularities as we can’t actually hear it, but rather vibrate at a certain frequency, within the harmonic spectrum. Unlike anything else, it is capable of creating powerful reactions in our bodies, from throwing us into cold sweat triggered by a snake’s warning hiss or make us smile when we hear a song from a summer vacation, back in 1999. It affects our emotions and our body, yet very little was done commercially to bring powerful, accurate sound into life, outside sound labs or professional studios.

Traditional two-channel audio only delivers sound from the left and right side, but in real life we can identify sounds from various directions, distances and the surrounding environment. Real sounds mix as they bounce off walls, floors, and ceilings, and gives us a feel of room size and the materials within it.

With that in mind, we developed APF Tech--Acoustic Power Field that highlights the change in orientation, with a built-in gyroscope that effectively augmenting the audio surround and allowing a precise sense of sound from different sources. It supports aptX/aptX Low Latency Audio Technology that reduces wireless delay and improves end-to-end speed of the audio transmission, which results in high quality, rich, synchronized audio while keeping the listener comfortable during listening sessions.

With the rising demand for high quality sound, we believe that SHIVR headphones will bring live performance quality audio right into the ears of more sound fans worldwide.



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