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Do remember your first time?

Maybe it happened after the lights went down in a movie theater… or maybe it was back in your teens when you went to your first real concert.

No matter where you were when it happened, you’ll always remember the pure amazement you felt as you became completely immersed in the powerful vibrations of 3D surround sound.

Whether you crept so close to the stage at a concert that your every pore became filled with the live sound and energy from the music, the band, and the crowd… or you became glued to the screen of the latest blockbuster as you watched, listened, and felt every single sound along with the cast… you’ll never forget what it’s like to be fully immersed in the world of 3D surround sound.

Because once you’ve experienced 3D surround sound, all other sound is just noise.

And if you’re like those of us who constantly crave that soul trembling, heart pounding 3D surround sound, SHIVR headphones provide with the unique chance to experience full-bodied euphonic euphoria right at home.

Created by a team that’s full of heartfelt passionate for audio, SHIVR’s innovative design is powered by a built-in gyroscope that allows the listen to feel steady and stable as they immerse themselves in the world of glorious sound.

Experience your favorite games, movies, and music at a whole new level as the bright and vivid sounds come to life around you as crystal clear as if you were right there experiencing it live.

Audiophiles rejoice— this is your chance to embark upon a journey into the depths of your own private soundsphere where you are the master and the maestro.

This is SHIVR — pure audio immersion that will move you.



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