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How much do you know about the gyroscope in your headphone?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Whether you want a way to block out the sounds of a noisy office environment while you work, or you want to create a more immersive experience for gaming or watching movies, noise cancelling headphones give you exactly what you’re looking for by detecting ambient noise and creating an inverse sound wave that cancels out the noise.

While most people prefer and enjoy the amazing noise cancelling experience, some listeners who have more sensitive hearing and inner ear conditions may become dizzy while using noise cancelling headphones due to the lower frequency vibrations that are emitted in order to cancel the noise.

With this in mind, the innovative team at SHIVR made a cognitive decision to design their headphones with a unique built-in gyroscope that ensures a comfortable and pleasant experience for every listener.

SHIVR’s built-in gyroscope contains a motion tracker that constantly monitors the listener’s head position and orientation in order to deliver powerful audio that won’t disrupt the listener’s equilibrium.

In addition to the motion tracker, the powerful ANC special algorithm deconstructs the sounds from various incoming sources and simultaneously rebuilds them through its environment simulator in order to achieve 3D spatial sound that helps the listener become most accustomed to the immersive soundscape.

This unique process eliminates the in-head localization effects that cause dizziness in some listeners due to an inability of the brain to discern and determine the source location of a sound by helping the brain to correctly process and determine the direction, distances, and reflected surface data of the sounds — and no matter how you think about it, that just sounds smart.

So whether you’re a sensitive listener or an audiophile who’s looking for a world-class auditory experience, SHIVR delivers the ultimate acoustic experience.

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