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Our world is alive with sound

It’s what brings a sleepy smile to our face as we awaken naturally on a peaceful weekend morning to the joyful chorus of early-morning song birds, gently chirping cicadas, and sweet Good Morning whispers from our lover.

It’s what motivates us and gets us ready to greet a brand new day—from the fresh stream of hot water from the shower and the comforting, bubbling sounds of our coffee or teapot to the delicious sizzling of our favorite breakfast.

And when it’s time to transition from our comfortable home to the bustling outdoor world, it’s what carries us to our next destination.

Then somewhere in between all of the impatient honking, the never-ending construction grinding and drilling, blaring sirens, and non-stop mobile alerts, our tranquil universe of sound starts to become an exasperating world of unwelcome noise.

But instead of losing your cool, simply slip on your SHIVR headphones and let the noise simply melt away.

Feel the tension leave your body as SHIVR’s powerful ANC algorithm detects and blocks all the desk tapping, keyboard clacking, knuckle cracking, coughing, sneezing, and wheezing ambience of your workplace.

Find a new passion for your work as you immerse yourself in your deepest thought space and emerge with fresh and innovative ideas that can only come with the undisturbed focus that SHIVR’s advanced use of feedforward and feedback mics allows you to experience.

Discover a new love for life and let SHIVR be your escape from the noise as you plunge yourself into a beautiful world of melodious sound.



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