Immerse Yourself in a Spellbinding Audio Experience

SHIVR Noise Cancelling 3D Wireless Headphones are made for people who crave a better audio experience. SHIVR’s patented self-developed technology maximally restores the sense of spatial audio to redefine your audio experience. Whether you’re enjoying your travel playlist, concentrating on work with light music, having fun in VR games, sound comes alive with SHIVR.

Create a Noise-Free Environment with Innovative Technology

SHIVR's incredible sound is created using a combination of Yahama’s hybrid digital ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) technology and its own advanced algorithm which effectively enhances audio surround sound and sense of space, allowing you to accurately sense sound from different sources. 

No Dizziness, Comfortable Fit with Crystal-Clear Sound Quality 

SHIVR changes the way audio is presented. A patented algorithm is leveraged to achieve low latency aptX and high-fidelity sound quality along with perfect integration of all levels of audio frequencies. The combination of a customized built-in gyroscope and advanced technology provides a more comfortable listening experience by eliminating in-head-localization effects, to avoid fatigue and discomfort from long-term headphone use.

SHIVR Noise Cancelling 3D Wireless Headphones Take Your Audio Experience to the Next Level!

Noise-Free Working Environment

Enjoyable Listening During Commute

Immersive Entertainment Experience

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